Americans Eat 9% of Minimum Recommended Vegetables

4th December 2017

It has been long accepted that a poor diet is associated to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer & obesity, therefore health authorities have preached the necessity of a diet rich in fruit & vegetables. But the latest data collection of diet conducted in the USA found that the average American eats alarmingly only 12% of the minimum recommended diet of fruit & only 9% of minimum vegetable portions.

Why is that?

There is the argument that people are lead to believe that fruit & vegetables are more expensive than their processed food & meat counterparts. Therefore more effort needs to be positioned to instruct people how affordable these food products can be if bought seasonally, ultisied in multiple meals & are in fact an effective way to bulk up food.

Another startling statistic to come out of this article is that currently only 2% of US farmland is dedicated to fruit & vegetable production, & it is estimated for people to have assess to the recommended volume of fruits & vegetables farmers would have to produce double the amount.

“The food industry is not exactly working with public health on this, there’s a multimillion-dollar industry working to get people to eat [processed foods],” Sarah Reinhardt, a nutritionist and food systems analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) says.

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