Disc Herniations

Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Bulge and Herniation

Chiropractor treatment for Disc Bulge and HerniationSome people develop a herniated or bulging disc in their neck or back. Injury, aging, and poor lifestyle choices may increase the risk for a disc problem.

In lay terms, a slipped disc can mean a ruptured disc or herniated disc. Although the term “slipped disc” is used, discs do not slip. Each intervertebral disc is sandwiched between two vertebrae supported by a system of ligaments that help hold the spinal package together. An intervertebral disc cannot slip, so when you hear the phrase “slipped disc,” realize that bulging disc or herniated disc is the more proper term.

Symptoms can include

  • 1- Legs and feet pain
  • 2- Numbness or tingling
  • 3- Weakness
  • 4- Worse when you’re active
  • 5- Pain in chest to the upper thighs
  • 6- Pain from lower back to the buttocks

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