Looking after your health and keeping well in winter.

We are extremely pleased to let everyone know that Chirolink is busier than ever before!
With the cooler days fast approaching as we come into winter we ask that you start to think about your health in advance and book in with the team at Chirolink. The Cooler weather brings common winter illnesses such as colds and flus with coughs and runny noses. Keep in mind that here at Chriolink we not only treat aches and pains, we also specialise in preventative health care too.

If you have already caught the winter blues and want to see less illness this winter then keep reading for some helpful tips to keep yourself well.

Vitamin D – The best form of Vitamin D is from the suns rays, however in winter when it gets dark earlier and your inside all day. This is why we stock Vit D in tablet and liquid form.

Exercise – Regular exercise is fantastic for the mind and body however if you have a cold or the flu, find some time to rest instead.

Rest – Proper rest is an important aspect of the healing process. Use a mattress that offers firm support and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Receiving regular check ups with Dr Mac, Brian and Sabrina will help keep your body in optimum condition.

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