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I am always hesitant about publishing a scaremongering post on the website, which this is not intended to be. Instead the intension of this post is to provide a bit more information regarding what is deemed as “processed food”.

When we hear or read the phrase ultra-processed foods we frequently think of fizzy drinks, jellies or prepared diners with long shelf lives, but people are not always familiar that it also includes mass produced loaves of breads, meatballs/sausages & crisps & chocolates.

There has been a greater emphasis in recent years placed on the quality of our food & it’s impact on our long term health. The World Health Organisation stated that “being overweight is the greatest preventable cause of disease after smoking”.

If we reduce our intake of processed foods by 10%, then the number of reported cases of cancer reduced by 12% in a study published in the British Medical Journal, when participants were followed over a 5 year period.

Although the accompanying commentary in the British Medical Journal warned against jumping to conclusions, as other lifestyles factors obviously have a baring & the lack of clarification of what is deemed as “processed” or “ultraprocessed”

Martin Lajous and Adriana Monge from the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, warned “we are a long way from understanding the full implications of food processing for health and well-being”.

They said the study was simply “an initial insight”.

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