Injury Avoidance with Exercise

Avoidance of movement & exercise for fear of injuring yourself in a common excuse we hear at the clinic.

The link below connects to an article on for advice on how to avoid injury.

These tips include

  • gradually building up the intensity on your workouts, enabling your body time to adapt to the new stresses being placed upon it
  • emphasis on correct form. It is all very well & good lifting heavier weights or running longer but if it is at the sacrifice of correct technique then injury is more likely.
  • vary the type workouts you are doing so not to use, & subsequently fatigue the same muscles & joints.
  • stay hydrated
  • take a “rest day” when needed, sometimes less is more. Gains are achieved when the body is rested
  • Listen to you body, rather than your Ego. A common way to injure yourself is to do more than your body is ready for.

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